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Alaska Summer Jobs

Work a Summer Job in Alaska this Year!

The Alaska Summer Jobs website is a leading source for finding summer employment opportunities in Alaska. We focus on the following industries: Alaska fishing deckhand jobs, cruise ship jobs, tour guide jobs, adventure travel jobs, fishing lodge jobs, oil industry jobs, construction jobs and salmon cannery and fish processing (fish packing) summer jobs.

Why work in Alaska this summer?

Summer jobs in Alaska have a lot to offer. Many people go for the outstanding money they can make. Many more go for the scenery, the outdoor activities and the “fresh air.”

Other go for the adventure and experience. We know whatever it is that interests you, you will not be disappointed.

Are summer jobs in Alaska hard to get?

That is a tough question to simply answer. Summer jobs in Alaska are very plentiful (even in this economic environment), but you do need to to know some things before you start contacting companies asking them for jobs. First, it it vital that you know some information about the industry you are trying to work in. Second, you need to now how, when and where to apply. Third, you will need to know how to maximize your experience and earnings. And lastly, you will need to know how to get there, where to go, where to stay and what to do with your time off. Luckily, we have put together an excellent set of resources to help you with all of these items.

Alaska Summer Job Opportunities

Fishing Boat Deckhand Jobs – Working as a deckhand on a fishing boat in Alaska can be extremely lucrative. Thousands of college students have paid their way through school by doing this. Summer is a great time to break into the industry as a deckhand as many boats in the Alaska salmon industry hire “greenhorns” to work on their fishing boats. Learn more about Alaska fishing jobs.

Salmon Cannery and Fish Processing Jobs – Thousands of people head up to Alaska each summer to help process the millions of pounds of salmon and other fish that are caught each summer. During peak season processors can make over $1,000 per week.

Cruise Ship Jobs – For some, the perfect summer job is working on a cruise ship in Alaska. The cruise ship industry in Alaska is booming! Currently seventeen cruise lines operate cruise ships in Alaska. Most of the Alaska cruise itineraries start (and or end) in Seattle Washington or Vancouver Canada and sail through S.E. Alaska with some making it up to Prince William Sound visiting such Alaska towns as Seward, Valdez and Whittier.

Tour Guide Jobs – Land tours provide land based tours to cruise ship passengers at and around the various ports of call. These guide jobs pay well, offer lots of perks and fit the summer schedule well.

Fishing Lodge Jobs – Alaska is world renowned for its sport fishing. People travel from all over the world for a chance to hook a 50 pound king salmon or a 300 pound halibut. If you enjoy people and fishing, this could be your perfect summer job.

Construction Jobs – Similar to construction jobs elsewhere, except summer construction jobs in Alaska generally pay a lot more.

Our Favorite Alaska Summer Jobs Resources

We have a complete list of Alaska summer job resources in that section, but these resources definitely stand out:

AlaskaJobFinder – This is the leading website for finding jobs in the Alaska fishing industry. If you are interested in working on a fishing boat, floating processor or onshore processor, check out AlaskaJobFinder.

Alaska Job Service is the state run employment office with branches in may Alaska towns.

JobMonkey – Site covers Alaska fishing jobs, Alaska summer jobs, oil industry jobs and other hospitality jobs in Alaska and lots of other very cool jobs.

Mystery Shopper Jobs – Being a mystery shopper is a great way to earn some extra money. Check out

Internships – Find a great internship from in Alaska or elsewhere.

Alaska Travel Information

Travel Alaska – State of Alaska travel website

Alaska Cruise Ship Travel – Interested in taking a cruise in Alaska? This site is a must read for planning your Alaska cruise.

Alaska RV Trips – A great way to see Alaska if by renting or driving your own motor home through Alaska. This site has great tips on traveling Alaska in an RV.

What to sport fish in Alaska? Check out Alaska Department of Fish & Game.

For you hunters out there, this site help you book Alaska hunting trips.

To search other resources go to and type in a keyword phrase you are looking for to find other great Alaska employment and travel resources.

We hope that our website and suggested resources help you find the perfect summer job this summer in Alaska!

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