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Denver and Colorado Springs Property Management

Here’s Why Rental Property Owners Hire Real Property Management Colorado:


– No Up-Front Fees

– Management Fees Starting at $75/Month


– Our Average Days on Market Is Currently 24.6 Days

– Home of Colorado’s 29 Day Rental Guarantee


– Strict Enforcement of Late/Non-Payment of Rent

– Electronic Rent Disbursements and Statements


– 24/7/365 Maintenance and Emergency Services

– Routine Interior and Exterior Property Inspections

Knowing when to enlist the services of a Denver property management and Colorado Springs property management team can be rather confusing. So many landlords think that it is in their best interests to stick it out themselves, creating an unnecessary workload that could easily be avoided. There seems to be a general misconception that property management companies charge more than their services are worth. With Real Property Management Colorado, this is not the case.

As a landlord, you probably want to feel as though you have full control of your property – which is perfectly understandable. A Denver property management and Colorado Springs property management company should never make you feel as though you are being edged out of the equation. The intent of our company is to eliminate some of the stress involved in renting out your property, whilst ensuring that you reap the benefits you always hoped you would.

There is absolutely no need to bury yourself under mountains of unnecessary stress and paperwork if someone else can do it for you – and cheaply at that. You probably have things that are more important on which to focus. We are more than happy to shoulder the property management burden for you.

Real Property Management Colorado is the leading residential company in Denver property management and Colorado Springs property management. We lease and manage residential property for individual owners, investors and financial institutions. We specialize in single-family homes, townhomes, lofts, condos, multi-plexes and small apartment buildings. We have leased and managed thousands of these types of properties in Denver and Colorado Springs. Put our experienced team of professional property managers to work for you!

When Should You Consider Our Services?

If you have multiple properties or apartment units, or if you live far away from your rental property, our company will be able to keep an eye on things while you are away. We have several years of experience in the Denver property management and Colorado Springs property management field. We aim to ensure that your property is kept in great condition at all times. Chances are that you have a home of your own that needs attention, so there is no reason for you to do maintenance for both.

You may be the type of landlord who is not quite suited to hands-on management. You might prefer to search for quiet, easy-going tenants who never have a complaint. Unfortunately, searching for the perfect lessee is a task that often takes much too long. All that time spent searching is losing you valuable rental income. With our Denver property management and Colorado Springs property management services, you will be secure in the knowledge that your property is always rented out and we take care of any complaints for you.

Keeping an eye on all of your rental units is a time-consuming task. You may wish to make better use of your time elsewhere. Instead of needing to complete various maintenance tasks and dealing with potentially needy tenants all the time, you could be searching for more rental properties to boost your income.

If you are a little hazy on the Colorado Tenant/Landlord Laws, our property management team will be able to take care of the legal side of things for you. In some cases, the tenant/landlord relationship can be a little tricky. We do what we can to eliminate any confusion. Our legal team is always ready for action.

What Do We Actually Do On Your Behalf?

If any of the above factors apply to you, you might be asking yourself, “What does a Denver property management and Colorado Springs property management company actually do?” After all, if you are considering our services, you need to be sure that it will be worth it.

The first step in our process is to offer a rental analysis completely free of charge. This standard procedure helps us to determine precisely what the market rate for your unit would be. We then take a few marketing photos of your property and place advertisements online. We will also place a “For Rent” sign alerting potential lessees that the property is available for viewing.

We take on the burden of responding to the phone calls and emails of interested parties. Our agents will personally take charge of any showings and will answer any questions from potential tenants. We also make sure to screen each applicant to ensure that there will not be any financial downfalls further down the line. Our job is to handle all of the paperwork so that you will not have to.

The next step is for us to draft a rental agreement. We work to create a lease agreement that is fair and ensures that your property remains in good condition while it is being rented. We also take care of the financials for you. Part of our job is to collect the security deposit and monthly rent checks on your behalf.

Our property inspector will do routine interior and exterior inspections for you. We do whatever we can to make sure that your property is well maintained and that your tenants are pulling their weight. We take care of any necessary repairs as well as any legal issues that could crop up. If eviction becomes a necessity, we have a legal team that can assist with that as well.

How Much Do We Charge?

You may have heard that other Denver property management and Colorado Springs property management companies overcharge for their services. We do what we can to keep costs as low as possible. Our management fees start from just $75 a month. We do not ask for upfront fees either. Only when your property has been rented, will we collect our monthly charge from you.

We are so confident in our ability to provide a stellar service that we offer a 29-day guarantee. If we have not found you a suitable lessee within 29 days, we will rent out your property free of charge.*

Another benefit to our service is that it is usually 100% tax deductible. This means that you could earn a decent amount of cash back at the end of the tax season. After all, if your rental property forms a part of your income, our services are considered a business expense.

For more information on our services and a free estimate, please feel free to call us. One of our experienced agents will be happy to provide you with any additional information you may need.

Denver Offices: (303) 873-RENT (7368)

Colorado Springs Offices: (719) 471-RENT (7368)

We are confident that our Denver property management and Colorado Springs property management services can be tailored to suit your needs perfectly.

*Some restrictions apply. Call for details.

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