May 19 2019

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Ohio history

Ohio history

“Humanity desperately needs a more extensive and integrated biology—for personal and public health, support of biotechnology, resource management, conservation, and not least, a more complete and wiser understanding of our own species. The wellspring of the new biology is scientific natural history.”

–E.O. Wilson, 2011, Forward to Field Notes on Science and Nature, Harvard University Press

News and Events


First printing has SOLD OUT .

We are thrilled with the popularity of this new book and have already submitted a request for a second printing. For anyone that ordered before March 8th, 2019, your book(s) will be shipped out next week. For anyone interested in still getting a copy, feel free to order but know that it will take 3-4 weeks before we will be able to ship.


OBS Award Recipients:

  • Herbert Osborn Award: Dr. Dave McShaffery
  • Naturalist Awards: Jim McCormac and Daniel Rice
  • Theme: Ohio’s Aquatic Systems: Historical Tragedies and Tales of Recovery
  • Keynote presented by Dr. Jeff Reutter – Lake Erie and the Waters of Ohio: Past, Present and Future
  • See agenda HERE
  • Date: Saturday, February 23rd, 2019

OBS Small Grants

A new grant is now offered by OBS in partnership with Ohio Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (OHPARC). If your work focuses on the conservation of a reptile or amphibian species, you may be eligible for this designated grant.

There is no need to select grant “type” during submission as all applicants will be considered for the Small Grants Program and those relevant for OHPARC will be reviewed accordingly.

As a result, OBS is extending the deadline for the Small Grants Program (now due March 15th). Grant application forms can be found on the Projects Page of the OBS website.


OBS Board of Trustee Member (4 year term)
Student Member (2 year term – 2019-2021)

To Apply: Send a letter of intent and CV to [email protected]

Latest OBS Survey Note!

It’s a sad story but an important one that documents human/wildlife conflict as a result of recreational activities. Dr. Andy Jones and his co-authors detail the tragic story of a Barn Owl. READ HERE

OBS Names New Executive Director

  • The Board of Trustees of the Ohio Biological Survey is pleased to announce that Dr. Constance (Connie) Hausman has been appointed as Executive Director of OBS. Read the press release here.

Amphibians of Ohio

  • The Amphibians of Ohio represents the most comprehensive treatment to date of the state’s frogs, toads, and salamanders; covering all aspects of natural history, taxonomy, systematics, conservation, sampling techniques, and more. Click hereto learn more and to order online.


  • The winter issue of BioOhio, the Newsletter of the Ohio Biological Survey is available for you to review. Feel free to download the issue and join the conversation on our Facebook Page. BioOhio is a benefit of membership in OBS. To stay up-to-date and receive current issues of the newsletter, consider becoming a member.

OBS Notes Series

  • New Biological Notes have been published. The Notes Series is the online, peer-reviewed OBS journal. If you are looking for an outlet for your natural history research, please consider contributing a manuscript. View the journal site to learn more.

The Ohio Biological Survey (OBS) is an inter-institutional consortium of colleges, universities, museums, agencies, metro parks, arboreta, zoos, other organizations, and individuals in Ohio and the surrounding region. By cooperating with the professional staffs of membership, OBS produces and disseminates objective scientific and technical information concerning the flora and fauna of Ohio and areas of which Ohio is an integral part.

Promoting the science of natural history through research, education, and public outreach.

Publication Highlight:

“A Naturalist’s Guide To The Fishes of Ohio” by Rice and Zimmerman, Now Available!

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