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Missouri address lookup

Missouri on Ballotpedia

A hub for state political coverage of elections, policies, and more

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Federal politics

Missouri state politics

Local politics in Missouri

  • Municipal elections
  • Kansas City, St. Louis

See also:Cities in Missouri and Counties in Missouri

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  • Local courts and judges by county

Ballotpedia covers municipal elections for mayor and city council in the top 100 U.S. cities by population, and provides comprehensive elections coverage for the most populated counties in the country. For school boards, Ballotpedia covers the 200 largest U.S. school districts by enrollment.

Missouri fact checks

Policy issues in Missouri

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Influencers in Missouri

Influencers are power players who help get candidates elected, put through policy proposals, cause ideological changes, and affect popular perceptions. They can take on many forms: politicians, lobbyists, advisors, donors, corporations, industry groups, labor unions, single-issue organizations, nonprofits, to name a few.

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Learn more about your current elected officials

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